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Home Products24V Smart Battery Charger

IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack

IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack

  • IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
  • IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
  • IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
  • IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
  • IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: VLDL
Certification: EMC, LVD, IP65
Model Number: VL2445LWP
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 2pcs/carton
Delivery Time: 10-15 days
Payment Terms: TT, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1,000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Case: Aluminum Dimension: 310×230×101 MM
Weight: 8.0 KG Input: 110 - 230 Vac With PFC
Output: Rated 24V 20A, Max 29.2 / 29.4V IP Rate: IP65, Fully Sealed
Warranty: 2 Years Apply To Battery: 60V 20S LiFePO4 Battery
High Light:

24vdc battery charger


24v lead acid battery charger

24V 45A Smart Waterproof Battery Charger For 24V Lithium Battery Pack


Waterproof / Marine 24V 45A lithium battery charger with IP65 rate is designed for lithium battery powered electric cars or boat applications, input with PFC worldwide 110 to 230Vac and rated output voltatge is 24V 40A. Smart max charging voltage is customized 29.2 / 29.4V lithium (LiFePO4, Li-ion, LiMnO2) type batteries. MCU coutrolled and intelligent 4 steps charging with pre-charge, CC, CV and floating or automatic cut-off, this charger will charge your electric motorcycless very fast, with high efficiency.


IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack 0


Why VLDL 24V 45A Marine/Waterproof Battery Charger is worth to buy?

There are four reasons:

1. High Quality.

We say our battery chargers have good quality; you may think that every manufacturer claims that their charger is the best. OK, you are thinking totally right! Bad manufacturers will 100% guarantee their chargers is the best in the world and with the cheapest price! But actually, you can't buy a best product with the cheapest price, the old saying is that "You get what you pay"!

For VLDL Marine / Waterproof Battery Charger, please take a look at inside of it. Comparing some cheap charger manufacturers, in order to save cost, they use send-hand components (we call electronic waste) and no EMC circuit design, no 100% burn-in test before packing.

But we use high quality components, latest circuit technology design (meet EMC standards), fully cover for all components and PCB by waterproof glue, 100% burn-ion test for 4 hours for every charger. From the appearance, it looks the same but much different from the inside. We control our failure rate under 1%, but some manufacturers' failure rate more than 40%. After you buy from them, then you will be struggling for after-service, no warranty no free replacing, it will hurt your customers and wasting time.

Please see point 2 below, Danl promise full 2 years warranty with free replacing, no worry no struggling for failed problem, just replace it, easy and fast.

2. Full 2 Years Warranty with Free Replacing

Danl guarantee that we provide full 2 years warranty with free replacing. That means we will replace with free new chargers for your faulty chargers, no repair, no wasting to send back and check, no passing the buck. Why do we have confidence to provide that a great warranty policy? Because we only produce high quality battery chargers, lowest failure rate gives us that confidence.

3. Factory Price

Based on high quality and full 2 years warranty policy, we supply battery charger with factory price, not the cheapest as some bad manufacturers but reasonable price. We only earn some small part of profit because we know that "Win-Win" situation will help our customers and then help ourselves at the same time. If our customers can't earn more, how can they buy from us? That is our business philosophy.

4. Best After-service

Trust us that we asked all of our salesman to reply in 12 hours, not 24 hours.


Inside of marine battery charger:

IP65 Fully Sealed 45A 24V Smart Battery Charger / 24V Lithium Battery Pack 1



◆ Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology.

◆ DC output isolated from AC input.

◆ Auto worldwide Input 110 / 230Vac(90 ~ 264Vac) with PFC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz.

◆ Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC input line voltage variations.

◆ Completely automatic battery charging: Pre - charging, CC, CV, Absorption, Float or Cut - off.

◆ 3 LEDs: LED1 Red (power on), LED2 Red/green (charging/full), LED 3 Faulty.

◆ Possibility to customize charging curve for request.

◆ Protections: Short circuit, Over-voltage, Over-temperature, Reverse Polarity.

◆ Efficiency > 95%.

◆ Forced ventilation with fans.

◆ 100% full load burn-in test.

◆ Aluminum casing, light weight, portable, on-board.


1,500W waterproof charger    Size: 310×230×101 mm Net weight: 6.0 KG
Input Model Apply to battery types Floating V CV (V) CC (A) Switching



AC Input:

90 - 264V





VL1280WPL 12V LiFePO4 Battery   14.6V 80A CC5~8%
VL1280WP 12V Lead-acid Battery 13.5V 14.7V 80A CC20%
VL1480WP 14V AGM Battery 13.5V 14.4V 80A CC20%
VL1680WPL 16V LiFePO4 Battery   18.2V 80A CC5~8%
VL2445WPLM 24V Li-MnO2 Battery   29.4V 45A CC5~8%
VL2445L 24V LiFePO4 Battery   29.2V 45A CC5~8%
VL2445 24V Lead-acid Battery 27.6V 29.4V 45A CC20%
VL3630WPLM 36V Li-MnO2 Battery   42V 30A CC5~8%
VL3630WPL 36V LiFePO4 Battery   43.8V 30A CC5~8%
VL3630WP 36V Lead-acid Battery 41.4V 44.1V 30A CC20%
VL4825WPLM 48V Li-MnO2 Battery   54.6V 25A CC5~8%
VL4825WPL 48V LiFePO4 Battery   43.8V 25A CC5~8%
VL4825WP 48V Lead-acid Battery 55.2V 58.8V 25A CC20%
VL6020WPL 60V LiFePO4 Battery   73V 20A CC5~8%
VL6020WP 60V Lead-acid Battery 67.5V 73.5V 20A CC20%
VL7215WPL 72V LiFePO4 Battery   87.6V 15A CC5~8%
VL7215WP 72V Lead-acid Battery 81V 88.2V 15A CC20%
VL8413WPL 84V LiFePO4 Battery   102.2V 13A CC5~8%
VL8413WP 84V Lead-acid Battery 94.5V 102.9V 13A CC20%
VL9612WPL 96V LiFePO4 Battery   116.8V 12A CC5~8%
VL9612WP 96V Lead-acid Battery 108V 117.6V 12A CC20%
Note: customized input / output / plug type / connectors are available.


Battery Charger Knowledge


Q. What charger should I choose?
A. It depends on the type of battery, the capacity of the battery, the application and how much you are prepared to spend. Just tell us your battery information, DANL battery charger engineer will recommend the most suitable charger for you or customized by your batteries and applications.


Q. Can I charge several batteries in parallel?
A. The charger has no problem whatsoever of charging or maintaining several batteries, as long as they are connected in parallel. The charger sees the parallel connected batteries as one large battery. The sum of the capacity has to be below the recommendation for your model. Please note that there could be a high current between batteries when they are connected together, i.e. use high quality wiring.


Q. Can you really connect and then forget about the charger?
A. That depends on your batteries state and charger’s type. Danl lead-acid battery chargers have maintenance mode(floating mode), charger charges with very small current at this mode, so you can forget about the charger but not exceed 24 hours. If your battery is lithium type and without BMS system, please don’t forget the charger.




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